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20% off Nest Learning Thermostat Through July 4 - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 7 hours ago News — The Nest learning thermostat learns from you and programs itself, so it is cooling and heating more efficiently and saving you money. Plus, it can be controlled from anywhere on earth through your mobile device. So coming home from vacation no longer means coming back to a blisteringly hot house. Nest claims that on average people save 10% to 15% on heating and cooling bills, so this is one of t Read More
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54% off Vansky Bias Lighting for HDTV USB LED Multi Color Strip Accent Lighting - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 3 days ago News — This bias lighting strip, currently discounted by 54% on Amazon from $49.99 down to just $22.99, reduces eye-strain caused by differences in picture brightness from scene to scene in movies, shows and games, by adding a subtle backlight to your monitor or TV.  The LED lights can be changed with up to 20 color selections customizing and setting the mood of your workspace. The strip is easy to ins Read More
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Severe flaws in widely used archive library put many projects at risk

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — In a world where any new software project is built in large part on existing third-party code, finding and patching vulnerabilities in popular open-source libraries is vital to creating reliable and secure applications.For example, three severe flaws in libarchive, recently found by researchers from Cisco Systems' Talos group, could affect a large number of software products.Libarchive is an ope Read More
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Eclipse's annual release train focuses on JavaScript, PHP

Posted by admin 4 days ago News — It's late June, so it must be time again for the Eclipse Foundation's annual "release train" of open source software development technologies. JavaScript, PHP, and Docker are getting special attention in this year's version, called Neon, which arrives on Wednesday.Now available for download, Neon marks the 11th consecutive year Eclipse has offered a simultaneous release of multiple technologies, Read More
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44% off Universal Waterproof Bag for all Iphone and other Larger Smartphones - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 5 days ago News — Bring your phone and use it when you go swimming in the summer or skiing in the winter.  The waterproof bag, currently discounted by 44% on Amazon from $16 down to just $9. Great for using during outdoor activities including boating and swimming. It's flexible clear waterproof bag allows you to use your smartphone while keeping it safe and secure in the bag. It protects your device from water, s Read More
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JavaScript specification gets official thumbs-up

Posted by admin 6 days ago News — The latest version of the official specification underlying JavaScript, ECMAScript 2016, has been approved by ECMA International.Developed under a premise of providing more frequent but smaller updates to the specification, ECMAScript 2016 has been very limited in scope. New features include an Array.Prototype.includes method, to determine if an array includes a certain element, and an exponenti Read More
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Over 80% off Essential Speed Reading Bundle - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 6 days ago News — You know that stack of books you’ve been meaning to tackle, but thought you never had the time? The Essential Speed Reading Bundle comes with a 3-year subscription to Spreeder and 7 Speed Reading EX, two tools proven to boost reading speeds. Spreeder is a rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) e-reader that presents any digital text at a natural speed that reduces eye movement and increases com Read More
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16 ways to build a better dev team

Posted by admin 7 days ago News — For all the talk of rock-star developers, we all know it takes a strong, coherent team working in concert to get the best work done. So here’s the question: What does it take to establish a great team of developers who create great products and work well across departments?We reached out to tech executives and engineering managers who have done exactly that and asked them to share their hard-ear Read More
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58% off RAVPower FileHub Wireless Hard Drive, WiFi Bridge & Sharing Media Streamer - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — This action packed file hub is highly rated, and dramatically discounted now on Amazon. Read More
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Save Hundreds on the Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 10 days ago News — This premium e-learning bundle from Adobe features top-notch instruction on all things photography. You’ll dive into over 65 hours of content, encompassing everything from shooting black-and-white photography to acing the Photoshop certification exam. Normally valued over $900, you can get the full bundle today for just $64 - over 90% off.Here’s a list of the included courses:Adobe Certified Exp Read More
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26% off Patriot 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive With 150MB/Sec Speed - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 11 days ago News — This 128GB Supersonic Boost XT flash drive from Patriot is built to be fast and rugged.  It supports USB 3.0 and transfers data at speeds up of up to 150MG/Sec, making it ideal for large files. It's durable rubberized exterior helps protect against shock and provides water resistance, so it travels safely wherever you take it. The unit is plug and play, and supports most major operating systems, Read More
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