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5 reasons to learn mainframe programming

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — If you’re an ambitious developer, you probably tend to follow industry buzz wherever it leads -- whether that’s Docker, Spark, or Kendo. Staying on the cutting edge increases your market value, keeps your work rewarding, and helps you avoid the potentially fatal mistake of complacency.But if you’re really ambitious, it could be smart to go contrarian and add a decidedly un-buzzworthy technology Read More
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15% off Google OnHub AC1900 Wireless Wi-Fi Router - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — The OnHub AC1900 wireless router from Google and TP-LINK is designed to make even the more complicated home networks run fast and efficiently. It supports over 100 devices at one time, providing speeds of up to 1900mbps. It's unique circular design with 13 antennas provides up to 2,500 square feet of reliable coverage. Streaming a movie or downloading large files? OnHub lets you manage speeds to Read More
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Limited time offer: Pre-Order The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — What better way to prepare for iOS 10’s arrival than with nearly 200 hours of premium training? Pre-order the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for $29, and you’ll be more than set to craft stunning apps certain to top the iTunes Store leaderboard.Whether you’re mastering the fundamentals of programming, or digging into iOS 10-specific features (improved AI and Siri function, anyone?)--this cours Read More
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Oracle's monster security update fixes Java, database bugs

Posted by admin 86 days ago News — Oracle released its quarterly CPU (Critical Patch Update), addressing a whopping 276 vulnerabilities across 84 products, an all-time high for Oracle. The vast majority of the fixes are in Oracle's Fusion Middleware and other applications. Oracle Database, ostensibly the company's flagship product, continues to get less and less attention from the security team.The CPU fixed 39 vulnerabilities in Read More
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Exclusive: Oracle to reboot Java EE for the cloud

Posted by admin 87 days ago News — Oracle’s intentions for the future of Java EE have been cloudy, to say the least.Rumored to have put the project on the back burner, Oracle has weathered a storm of complaints over its stewardship of enterprise Java, with two separate organizations considering plans to move Java EE forward without Oracle. Rather than let Java EE wither, Oracle is instead looking to reboot the platform to better Read More
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36% off iProp Bean Bag Universal Tablet Stand - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 87 days ago News — Whether you're watching a movie in bed, browsing on the couch, or playing games on your trip, the iProp bean bag tablet stand gives your arms a rest and holds your tablet comfortably where you need it. Its unique mesh bean bag design conforms to the shape of any surface, from a bench to your own legs, and its non-slip silicone shelf keeps your tablet securely in place without obstructing the scr Read More
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50% off Vastar Professional Breathalyzer Digital Breath Alcohol Tester - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 87 days ago News — Vastar breathalyzer is used to measure the concentration of alcohol in the human body. With a sensitive semi-conductor sensor, it takes only 5 seconds to show whether you can drive or not after drinking. It will show you high accuracy test results (up to 0.01mg/l). Four units of measurement can be converted (%BAC , ‰BAC, mg/l, mg/100ml). To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please Read More
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Your fear of open source lock-in is ridiculous

Posted by admin 87 days ago News — As an industry, we've spent decades collectively wringing our hands over Evil Vendor Lock-In. And for equally as long, we've happily shoveled hundreds of billions of dollars into these same vendors whose lock-in we allegedly fear: Microsoft, Oracle, and now Amazon. If it weren't for proprietary licensing, cloud hosting, or other evil machinations, we'd live in a paradise of perfect competition a Read More
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22% off iHealth Oxygen level, Pulse rate, and Perfusion Index Monitor - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 88 days ago News — This handy meter gives fast and reliable readings of your oxygen level, pulse rate, and perfusion index, wirelessly on your smartphone or tablet. Using the iHealth app, easily record and save your data to the secure, HIPPA compliant iHealth cloud for meaningful results you can track over time for yourself or a caregiver. This iHealth monitor typically lists for $69.95, but is currently discounte Read More
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94% off the Complete Machine Learning Course Bundle - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 88 days ago News — Machine learning is hot, and with good reason. For the uninitiated: it’s the use of pattern recognition and prediction that underlies important technologies like self-driving cars and speech recognition.Want to dive into the field? From learning to build financial models and utilizing Big Data, to coding Java and Python--the 10 courses in The Complete Machine Learning Bundle will get you up to s Read More
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Make Git work for global teams

Posted by admin 88 days ago News — It starts small. One curious user downloads Git to see what all the fuss is about. Before long he’s extolling its virtues to his buddy, and they start pushing/pulling work back and forth. Next comes the developer version of a grassroots movement to use Git on more projects. Sure, various challenges pop up, but there are tools on the market and workflows that help assuage Git’s initial growing pa Read More
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