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22% off SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 200GB - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — The SanDisk Connect wireless stick is a flash drive with a unique twist -- you can access it wirelessly. Whether it's in your pants pocket, in your bag, or on the picnic table at your campsite, the Connect wireless stick lets you stream media or move files wirelessly with up to three computers, phones or tablets simultaneously. Connections are made via built-in wifi (think "hotspot"), so no exte Read More
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Get $200 off Samsung KU6600 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV and a $100 Gift Card - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — Amazon is currently discounting the UN55KU6600 Curved 55-inch TV from Samsung, taking its typical list price of $1,148 down by 17% to just $947.99. And on top of that, they're giving you a $100 gift card along with it. The UN55KU6600 delivers 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, with greater depth and clarity and a fuller spectrum of color with PurColor. It let Read More
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53% off Universal Phone Mount for Bicycle and Motorcycle - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — Currently receiving 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon (read reviews), the 'Freedom' Handlebar Phone Holder from Tackform offers comprehensive protection for mounting your smartphone while riding your bike or motorcycle. The patented phone cradle provides full support for holding your phone, while providing full access to your screen and buttons while riding, allowing you:To easily listen to music wit Read More
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OpenStack's future: Docker workloads on Kubernetes

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — OpenStack distributor Mirantis will work with Google and Intel to repackage the cloud platform for deployment via Docker containers managed with Kubernetes.This is the most radical reworking of OpenStack yet, with major implications for Google's planned open standard and open source hybrid cloud. It also shows how much OpenStack's future depends on containers.[ Dig into the the red-hot open sour Read More
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Wire open-sources messaging client, woos developers

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — Communications startup Wire has open-sourced the full codebase for its Wire app, so it's easier for developers to build their own encrypted messaging clients.Wire open-sourced the rest of the client base that wasn't initially publicly available, including components related to the user interface, the web and native clients, and some internal developer tools. The company always planned to open-so Read More
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Google Dart gets its own version of the Angular 2 framework

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — Google's Dart language will get its very own version of the company's Angular 2 framework to better leverage Dart's own capabilities. But the plan has raised concern that it could actually hurt the fledgling language.The Angular code base will be split into two flavors: a Dart version -- referred to as AngularDart or Angular 2 Dart -- and a TypeScript/JavaScript version, Google said this week.Th Read More
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IoT spurs surprise surge in assembly language popularity

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — Assembly language, a reliable staple of low-level programming, has taken a backseat to the multitude of higher-level, easier-to-use languages that have emerged over the years. But it is making a comeback, thanks to IoT (the internet of things) and embedded computing.This month's Tiobe index, which gauges language popularity based on a formula examining internet searches, has assembly returning t Read More
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IBM and AT&T are cozying up to IoT developers

Posted by admin 23 hours ago News — Big IoT partnerships are coming thick and fast these days. A deal between IBM and AT&T to help developers turn IoT ideas into reality is just the latest tie-up involving major enterprise vendors in this field.The partnership will combine AT&T’s connectivity with IBM’s Watson and Bluemix analytics platforms. Through APIs (application programming interfaces) and development environments, p Read More
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Oden uses Google's Golang ecosystem to cook up a new language

Posted by admin 13 days ago News — Google's Go language has one of the spiffiest toolchains around, with fast, one-step compilation to native platform binaries. But for some developers, the Go language is too opinionated -- or limited -- to make the switch worthwhile.A new project is attempting to address this by creating an experimental language for Go's ecosystem and toolchain, in the same way that languages like Clojure, Groov Read More
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$29.99 for the IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training ($1,895 value) - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 13 days ago News — If you’re looking to enter a rapidly growing field, snag this course bundle in IT Security & Ethical Hacking. Instructors walk you through training for three industry-recognized certification exams:CompTIA Security+Cisco’s CCNA SecurityCertified Ethical HackerFor a limited time, the bundle of courses is only $29.99--a steal considering it’s jam-packed with over 48 hours of courses and 50 hou Read More
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63% off Gadget Guard iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector - Deal Alert

Posted by admin 13 days ago News — Protect your investment with this highly rated screen protector from Gadget Guard. This Gadget Guard screen protector is specifically designed for the iPhone 6 Plus. It's made of optical grade tempered glass, a material that is both incredibly strong and scratch resistant. And it's specially treated to repel smudges. Right now Amazon indicates that its list price of $39.99 has been reduced by a Read More
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